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Positive passion driven client-focused Professional Coaching
Client-focused towards Innovative and passionate approaches to Coaching.  Creating passion exploration and execution towards personal and professional success.  Introspective driven sessions that create opportunities for life and recovery success.

Professional Coaching

I will help you set SMART goals for a successful execution. I will teach you to hold yourself accountable and make solid action plans fueled by passion for success. 


Conflict Resolution/Mediation

As a professional coach, I will be able to provide a neutral perspective to the conflict. Utilizing all the tools and resources for all parties to come to a mutual resolution to the conflict.


Recovery Services

As a Recovery Coach, I will serve as your advocate, guide, leader and mentor.


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About Dr. Sharla M Walker, PhD

Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC), SRCD

As Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC), my role is to listen to your needs and understand them. I will help you explore your passion in helping you to execute positive and purposeful execution of that passion towards professional and personal journey for success.

What past clients have said

Read below the testimonials of some of my former clients that I have helped. If you feel like my services could be right for you, book a 30 minute complimentary consultation to discuss more.

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Working with Dr. Walker made a difference in my life. I was able to focus on goals that I didn’t realize were actually tangible. Dr. Walker listened and observed and used her keen insight to guide me toward positive change. With her coaching, changes that looked insurmountable, became absolutely manageable. 

- Amy B.
Alameda, CA

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For several years, I have worked with Sharla as a mentor/coach and experienced incredible improvements in my career. She was able to offer me constructive guidance and workable solutions.  I would highly recommend Sharla as a mentor and life coach. 

- Angela D.
Hercules, CA

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I have had the blessed opportunity to know Dr. Sharla Walker since we were young college students aspiring for our professional business bachelor degrees. There were times when I felt like throwing in the towel. Being a single parent raising two daughters while working on a full-time job offered much stress and tears. Not having enough hours in the day to attend study groups and nurture my family created many encounters needing Dr. Walker’s shoulder. Not a single second was she ever too busy to lend an ear. She never complained when, “I told you so” could have easily been the appropriate response. Dr. Walker is supportive of you when celebrating good accomplishments. And she will speak with authority and address your nonperformance. You will be honored to receive empathy, encouragement and problem resolutions from my hero, Dr. Sharla Walker.

- Dr. Francis Robinson, PhD
Atwater, CA

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I have known Dr. Sharla M. Walker for the better part of my working career, more than forty years, and I am honored to share my thoughts and perspectives about her.  Dr. Walker and I share a number of traits in common, among them, love of education and teaching, strong belief in our moral and religious principles and an unwavering desire to “give back” to the communities which helped shape us and instill in us our values.

Dr. Walker has overcome serious obstacles and challenges in both her business and personal life.  She has become stronger having conquered these challenges, and has now put herself in a position to utilize her professional skills and life experiences to help others reach their personal and professional goals.

If you need a life coach to inspire you, if you need assistance in how to think through personal and business challenges, and if you need a living role model of success, you have found the right person in Dr, Sharla M. Walker!

- Joe L.
Richmond, CA

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