Positive passion driven client-focused life/recovery coaching

As your Professional Life/Recovery Coach, I am committed to helping clients explore and execute their passion and set their goals as well as find the motivation and create the strategy to achieve them. They will help to provide a foundation to successful professional and personal achievements in a positive manner.


Benefits of Life Coaching

  • Neutral party to share and ask deep questions
  • Make solid actions plans fueled by passion for success
  • Set SMART goals for successful execution
  • Define and execute your Purpose
  • Become accountable to Yourself
  • Explore the uncomfortable in a safe space
  • Find support during recovery
  • Discover and execute mindfulness


Benefits of Recovery Coaching

A recovery coach serves as an advocate, a guide, a leader and a mentor. Their job is to not only help their client stay sober but cultivate a life that is meaningful, something everyone in recovery can benefit from.


Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them. The disagreement may be personal, financial, political, or emotional. When a dispute arises, often the best course of action is negotiation to resolve the disagreement.

As a professional coach, I will be able to provide a neutral perspective to the conflict.  Utilizing all the tools and resources for all parties to come to a mutual resolution to the conflict.


What You’ll Get

  • Experience one-on-one coaching
  • Explore if coaching is the right fit for you and me
  • 100% confidential
  • Communication method: online, via Zoom


What You’ll Get

  • Experience one-on-one coaching
  • Exploration of passion focused goals for positive life challenges (recovery, work, well-being and spiritual)
  • Communication method: online, via Zoom
  • Duration of each session: 60 minutes