Wise Black Nanas – Life Coaching “Between the Dash”

I am pleased to announce the launch of my podcast along with co-host Joanne Early: Wise Black Nanas – Life Coaching “Between the Dash”

About the Wise Black Nanas Podcast

Sharing intensely personal and professional stories from life experiences, these every day mature Black Women give it to you straight, with compassion, sometimes with candor, always with caring and gentleness, just like your Nana. Wise Black Nanas uses their unique place in life to encourage, open and start conversations about difficult topics and life events.

Helping to find direction and solutions with coaching support that is built on a foundation of lived experience, professional education and expertise, and two lifetimes of managing and mothering using everyday language and situations that we all encounter, get stuck in, and often stay stuck in.

Part coaching, part HR, part suggestions, you are encouraged to learn from their shared perspectives, acquired wisdom, cross-generational insight, and their take on life’s very tough topics while they provide thoughtful, caring and sometimes humorous lessons.

Listen to Wise Black Nanas on your favorite podcast service and learn more about the Nanas at WiseBlackNanas.com.